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Fine Art Photography

More and more, I get asked the question if I manipulate my images. For me it is difficult to answer that. Yes, I do, mostly in camera, and no, I don’t because I am not using Photoshop to create an image out of images I have taken or part of them. My sense is that there is a mistrust due to the abuse of Photoshop in the media.

Here is a very well written article about the different areas in photography and their necessity of being ‘truthful’. I do hope it helps answer some of your questions:


When visiting my family in Germany, I got ‘caught in the ash’. A week later, I finally made it out. It was an adventure as I had not brought my calendar with me. I had to remember all the appointments I had made and cancel them, to ask a friend to pick up packages I had ordered with my original arrival date at home in mind. And then there was all the work waiting for me to get ready for a show. Good thing was that I had my laptop with me and at least could make the final selection of the images there and begin the process of deciding on the different sizes for images. Now the show is hung and I can breath a sigh of relief. If you want to see the images, go to my gallery El Rito Creek in Winter

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After much prodding from friends, I finally joined Facebook. You can find me under Stoeffl Photography. I am still learning to navigate around. I do have some images pulled up and plan on announcing show receptions as well as poetry readings and book signings.

The book “Essence: contemplations in image and word” is finally done. It is a collaboration with a local poet. By April 24th, I will have copies available. You can find more information about it on my web site.


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My intentions with the blog

The title “Words and Images” was in part inspired by my most recent activity, the collaboration on a book project with a poet. It got me writing again. Some results can be seen on my web site in the gallery With Words.

Another reason for the title is to share where I have been to take pictures, share some images with comments, and provide information.

The blog is a new adventure for me. I am curious as to where it will take me, how it may serve, and how people will respond to my writing. I invite your participation and your comments. Hopefully it will become a creative exchange.