Seeing Beyond: Circular Patterns of Reflected Light

Shades of Sunrise 2Sunset Colors 14Morning Light 5Piñon Pine Mandala 1Sunset Fire 1North Window, Arches NPSunset Fire 12Bright Angel Canyon. Grand Canyon NPc6-Sunset Fire 18.jpgc10-Juniper Mandala 5.jpgEvening Colors 2.jpgWest Mitten 1, Monument Valley, UTSunset Fire 15Waxenstein 2, Garmisch Partenkirchen, GermanySunset Colors 9Cottonwood Mandala 2Lipan Point Sunrise 2 - Grand Canyon NSunset Fire 17

All images in my series “Seeing Beyond: Circular Patterns of Reflected Light” are done in-camera, using the multiple exposure setting.

If you click on any one image, the slide show will stop and you have manual control over which image to view.