8.5 x 8.5 format, 2010 Paperback 80 pages

33 couplets of image and poem on facing pages

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Stewart Warren had seen some of my images and approached me with a suggestion to collaborate on a book, which would have images and poetry in relation to each other. His intention was not to explain the image, rather to complement it. As a start, I gave him a CD with images that I felt would work for the concept we had in mind. It was a fun project on which we worked for about 6 months. A few times, he would send me a poem, asking me to find an image for it. I gave feedback on the  feelings  his poetry evoked in me or his choice of words. It became a collaboration in the truest sense. In December of 2009, we looked for a way to publish the book and the end of April 2010, we held the first copies in our hands.

The images in the book are all from my work from 2004 to 2009. Besides images from the USA, there are photographs from Israel, Egypt and South Africa.

From the Back Cover:

What is it in us that longs to connect more deeply with the world?  Poet Stewart S. Warren and photographer Corinna Stoeffl touch that deep longing and feed it with an invitation to find both beauty and a large dose of humility.  In these pages, we simultaneously lose and find ourselves.  We remember to “get out of our own way” and to “raise our hands again and again” as if to say yes and yes and yes to the world.  What a gift to give to ourselves, to each other.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Poet Laureate, San Miguel County, Colorado

Intimate Landscape: The Four Corners in Poetry and Photography (Durango Herald Small Press, 2009)

Photographs rise to a high level when they speak of essence.  Going beyond a snapshot requires patience, time, and a willingness to let go of self-preoccupations in order for the place to reveal itself.  Corinna Stoeffl’s photographic images show this poetic dance between herself and many places.  She captures the extraordinary in the ordinary while sensing the particular, and precise magic of the moment. The resulting gifts are treasures for all of us to enjoy.

Eddie Soloway, Santa Fe New Mexico

One Thousand Moons (Nahmakanta Press, Santa Fe);

Big Sur (DVD)

Essence is a well-named book.  It invites the reader/viewer to address the very essence of the human condition through striking yet subtle and provocative photos and poetry in conversation with each other.  Author and pastor, Eugene Peterson,  said that a poet’s work is always a conversation that is saying something in relationship.  This book is such a dialogue. Stoeffl and Warren’s work is meditative in itself and is a valuable instrument for reflection and journaling.  Each one of Stoeffl’s photos is worth at least the proverbial 1000 words and Warren’s two to three stanza poems are as simple as they are profound, direct without being directive.

Ron Wooten-Green, Las Vegas, New Mexico

When the Dying Speak (Loyola Press, 2002);

A Fine Line of Distinction (PublishAmerica, 2006);

Journaling Through Life (in progress)

What people are saying:

This  inspiring book offers a beautiful weaving together of poetry and photography–words and images dancing in and out of each other, asking all of our being to be touched.  Sit down, slow down, breathe deep, and take in all its beauty.  You will be touched, surely you will be touched.

Dr. Scott Eberle, Petaluma, California; author of “
The Final Crossing: Learning to Die in Order to Live” (Lost Borders Press)

This beautiful book takes us on a journey into the stunning alchemy  of the land and poetry, and right into the realms of the sacred.  It  inspires and confirms the intimate connection between human and  nature, and the healing power of beauty.

Meredith Little, Big Pine California;
Founder of ‘The School of Lost Borders’