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Catching up

It has been quite some time since my last post. As you can see, my blog is now integrated with my web site, which has a completely new look and new galleries. Despite using a template, it still took time to create the new galleries and tweak everything. Here is a quick overview of what I have been up to and some new images.

In April, I visited family. Naturally, I had to try my rotational technique on the local subjects. Houses or villages in the landscape as seen from a high point will take some more experimentation. Sunsets, though, worked out well a few times.

Alpspitze 1.jpgWaxenstein 2.jpg

Then beginning May, I went to Moab to attend the Moab Photography Symposium. The old masters like Edward Weston and Ansel Adams were the subject of several presentations. Seeing the untouched original and the way Ansel Adams edited them was an incredible learning experience. I gave myself some extra days to photograph in the bigger area. Despite my enjoyment in creating the photographic mandalas, I still delight in ‘straight’ photography. Here are a few images of that trip:

Natures Rock Art.jpgNorth Window, Arches NP.jpgMill Creek 1.jpgWest Mitten 1.jpg

I just returned from a trip to California where I visited my children and some friends. One of them invited me to visit the Monterey Aquarium. I could not help myself and had to try some fish mandalas. Here are 3 images that I feel worked. It was not easy to pull off. The fish tend to moven, even if just a bit. And then, have you ever tried to take a photo with your camera upside down!


During my times at home, we had some incredible sunsets. With all the mandalas I have created, it is getting more difficult to have a new and better one. Here are two that I kept:

Sunset Colors 14.jpgSunset Fire 17.jpg

Last, but not in the least, I would like to hear from you what you think about the new look of the web site. Also, I would like to get back into writing about items, which are useful for you, the reader. So please let me know of your interests and questions. I have posted 2 articles, one about the technique and one about my creative journey under About and I plan on writing some more. This creation of the photographic mandalas and getting them out for others to see has been and will continue to be an interesting journey for me. I have begun to work with Mary Virginia Swanson, a consultant. Her comments and feedback led to the new design of the web site and the joining of organizations I would not have known about. I am curious to see where it all will lead me.

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Playing with reflections

Beginning of the month, I visited my family in Germany. One day, I had the chance to go to a nearby lake, just underneath the highest mountain in Germany. It is a much photographed area and I tried to find views that I had not seen before on postcards. I succeeded with only one image. Since the water was pretty still, I decided to play with reflections. There was still some Fall color around, which helped to make images interesting. For me, the main play was: Where do I place the reflection?I had a lot of fun walking around and changing the angles. The most enjoyable fact was that my dad had come along and, having taken up photography again, played alongside.

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My recent trip to Yellowstone

After coming back, I had to sort through 1100 images. Photographing animals is for me ‘shoot first and ask questions later’. This time, I got some really nice action sequences. Great shots from a wildlife perspective, but I am not sure anyone would want to hang such an image in the living room 🙂

The trip was great and it was disappointing. I had so many expectations and, naturally some of them did not get fulfilled. I did not get to see any wolves within shooting distance. I saw some through a spotting scope on the other side of the valley, though. On the other hand, there was a grizzly sow with 2 cubs and a moose. Overall, I was happy with the weather; some clouds, the wind was cool on a few days, just below freezing 2 nights and incredible sights the following morning.

Usually, I settle into Madison Campground and then go from there.Due to the road construction and the need to be early in the places, I decided to spend only a few nights in one place and then move to the another: Madison – Mammoth – Grant Village. I decided to sleep in the car so I would not have to deal with taking a tent down at 6am or come back for it. My favorite area for wildlife was along the Madison River. May be it also had to do with all the mist rising from the river after the first cold night. Lamar Valley was hazy due to the wildfire. The smoke drifted down into it. Hayden Valle was also rich with the grizzlies and then some mists in the morning. Seeing the moose at the East entrance was sheer luck, helped a bit by the information from another, friendly photographer.

I have whittled the photos down to 65 and posted all on my Flickr site in the set Recent Trips. Here are some images to whet your appetite. Which one is your favorite among the ones here and / or including the ones on Flickr. I’d love to hear from you.

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Last week, I participated in a workshop taught by Eddie Soloway at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. It was an incredibly intense week with early starts (get up at 3am to be at a location for sunrise) and late nights. On the last evening, we got to see images from all 6 workshops that were going on that week and I was highly impressed with the quality of the images.

Out of all the possibilities, I chose to train myself in using only manual metering. I have to say, it will probably pay off very quickly since I need to do so much less editing in front of the computer. Then, there are all those ideas of how to take images, that I feel will take me a while to integrate. My plan of action is to go out and work with one of them , the next time with another. So over time, I hope to eventually have them all in my ‘tool box’.

Here are some images from the week.

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