Mill Creek 1

Born and raised in Germany, I received a teaching degree in mathematics and physics for grades 6 – 10 there. The subsequent move to the Southwest, the exposure to a different culture and a new landscape resulted in completely new interests that I pursued. One of them was the exploration of human behavior and the psyche. This led to a Master’s degree in Counseling. I also became interested in different religions and developed a deep interest in spirituality.

My formal education in photography began with online classes. Among others, I took courses with Brenda Tharp, Lewis Kemper and William Neill. When Santa Fe Photographic Workshops offered mentoring, I signed up for a year with Eddie Soloway, who greatly influenced my photography.

Today I realize that photography is a place where I can bring together the rational / logical thinker and the mystic. The (digital) camera, the editing and the technical skills of taking images require the first. The creativity in composing my images calls for the mystic, who can allow Spirit to flow through.

Since 2007, I have been in numerous group shows in the area. In collaboration with another artist, I created a themed show with different media. In small local galleries, I had two solo shows, which were well received.